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Autonomy has created Pro Series Drag Racing, an iPhone and Android Games App. It has been through many iterations since its original release in 2018.11.02. It has received 1723 reviews on the Apple App Store, an average rating of 3.8 out 5 stars.

What is the process?

Pro Series Drag Racing: More realistic, more customizable, more fun!

Pro Series Drag Racing is now available! This is the ultimate mobile drag racing experience. You can build, race, and tune your car until it reaches its peak performance. Take your career experience and then go online to compete against the best online multiplayer players! This is not a side-scrolling, wanna-be racer. This is pure drag racing, there’s no fluff! Only you, your car and your rivals.



The Pro Series career offers 4 classes of cars. Street cars, Pro Mods and Funny Cars. Top Fuel Dragsters. Career mode gives you an inside look at how it feels to progress through drag racing’s ranks. It will even test the best drivers!


The pro series drag allows you to customize the look of your car by adding wraps, paint, and body kits. Pro Mod cars allow you to change the color of your roll bar! You can choose from millions of combinations to make your car exactly how you want it.


Online multiplayer allows you to race with other players from around the globe. Multiplayer has three types of racing: Bracket Racing (Heads Up Racing), Grudge Racing and Heads Up Racing. These types of racing are important to know before you attempt a race. These races are TOUGH and can be wagered.


Pro Series drag gives you complete control over your car’s gearing, rev limiter and suspension. You can test any changes and ensure you are going in the right direction with the included dyno. You have almost limitless options for tuning – Would you like to run tall first gear and a shorter rear? You can! You can launch on the limiter! You can! You can adjust the height of your wheelie bars bridgehunter so that they are tuned to the exact level you want. Are you having trouble with your tune? You don’t have to worry – simply visit your mechanic and he’ll reset you back to the base tune. Pro Series gives you unlimited Test-n-Tune races so that your car can perform at its best.


Pro Series is not for those who want to drive around in a stock car. We have over 300 modifications available across all classes so you can keep up with other racers. You will need to monitor your tune, as every modification can affect your car’s performance. You need to keep your car performing at its best. Hire a Crew Chief or test and tune it yourself.

Drag racing games for pc

It takes more than simply pushing the accelerator to win racing games. Jimmy Broadbent, a YouTuber and Sim Racing Pro, answers key questions and gives gaming tips to the advanced. He also reveals tactics and tricks for ambitious racers.

He considers gaming his life. As a child, Jimmy Broadbent loved to play on the computer with cars. The 28-year old Englishman began his sim racing career on Gran Turismo’s PlayStation 2, but later switched to the PC. He now races in rFactor 2, Assetto corsa, and iRacing. His YouTube channel has more than 327,000 subscribers, which he started in 2012. He also serves as a commentator for Gran Turismo World Tour.

What racing games are the best for starting virtual motorsport? Which simulation of racing is best?

Jimmy Broadbent: This is a question I get asked often. Each racing simulator is unique. Personally, I enjoy iRacing. It focuses on online racing, and competition. Automobilista and rFactor 2 are excellent for tire modeling and driving physics. These racing games have plenty of content even for solo drivers, who may not want to race with other people. Assetto Corsa is the best choice for range.

All I can tell you is that you should check out all the simulations if possible. If I had to choose, iRacing would probably be my top recommendation for competition and Automobilista would work well for solo players.

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Sim racing is a computer simulation of real car racing. All aspects of driving, grip, traction and tire behavior have been accurately simulated. Sim racers compete against one another online or against an artificial intelligence. They need a steering wheel with pedals, in addition to the racing games they choose.

As a beginner in sim racing, which race classes and licenses should you start with?

Jimmy Broadbent: The most popular sim racing category is GT3. Both of these are very easy to use. They behave well in their normal range. They become more difficult to control when they are pushed to their limits. For beginners, you might want to test a Mazda MX5 via iRacing. It is lightweight and has very little power. It can also understeer and oversteer depending on the settings you choose. You can learn the basics of the steering wheel before you move on to the faster classes. The prototype class is the most powerful and requires high reaction speeds.

What is the best way to find out about new racetracks?

Jimmy Broadbent says: Driving a new track slowly is the best way to learn it, at least for me. This helps me to understand the course’s structure and its curves. Next, I drive faster and push the car to test how it reacts to the track. Some drivers will give it their all, even when they are unfamiliar with the track. If you do this, you might find yourself skidding around the corners.

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The racing line you can overlay on your motorsport racing games is what I find extremely helpful. However, I do it for only five to six times before I switch it off. Another tip is to follow the fastest drivers during multiplayer sessions. This allows you to track their setup, gear changes, and braking points. Some gamers prefer to practice their skills, but are too proud to do so. Why complicate things? It’s not difficult for the fastest girls and boys to do it. Let’s take a look at their methods. ( Also, see How to Find the Racing Line)

How do you approach corners pro series drag?

Jimmy Broadbent: This point is crucial. One thing is essential when learning how to corner on a track. Look at the exact brake points. Take note of prominent objects such as the distance markers at corners to help you get your bearings. These are important to remember! The apex is another important point. The apex is the point where you must catch it from the inside of the curve. Don’t forget to use your rearview mirror when racing – you don’t want to be caught off guard by someone around you at a corner.

Remember that every corner is unique. For example, if a curve is followed with a long straight, my focus should be on exiting the corner. To do this, I approach the corner slower, move the car faster towards the exit and then get on the gas as soon as possible. This is a different process with esses. With these, you don’t have to be afraid to throw the car into the corner to get it ready for the next direction.

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Trail braking is a technique that allows for quick cornering in motorsport. It can be used in many racing games as well. You normally brake before you turn in a curve and then accelerate again. Trail braking works differently. You apply less force to the brakes when you enter a curve than when you brake on a straight. You brake smoothly into the corner and shift the weight forward to give you more control over the steering wheel. Trail braking can be especially helpful after straights and inverted curves. This technique is preferred by some games like iRacing; it’s not so much for others like rFactor 2.

Which is the fastest way out of a corner pro series drag?

Jimmy Broadbent – It can be tempting to hit the accelerator as fast and as hard as you can when sim racing. Unfortunately, there are not many cars that can do this. Racing games are just too real. For example, group C cars with 700 horsepower will accelerate at maximum throttle and the turbocharger will activate. The car will then skid at the speed of lightening. You have zero grip because the rear wheels spin insanely.

After a corner, it is better to pedal gently and evenly. The car will determine how fast or hard it goes. For example, F1 cars have incredible grip on the rear wheels. You need to feel more for front-wheel-drive cars.

A great tip for gaming is to listen to your car pro series drag.

Jimmy Broadbent – Time is the most important thing. Driving LMP1 prototypes in iRacing is my favorite part of iRacing. There’s so much to learn, from the hybrid system to throttle response to brake balance. It takes practice and patience.

It is important to listen to your car when you play sim racing. Sim racing is difficult because you can’t feel the G-forces. The force thumper ra feedback you get from the steering wheel can give you information about grip, drift behavior and vehicle limits. To avoid tire overstrain, pay attention to tire noise when you turn. This is especially true for race cars but less for road cars.

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Sim racing allows you to reset everything after a crash. You can safely drive your car in racing games into dangerous situations (something you would not do in real life). Borderline situations are actually the best place to see how a car reacts. For example, Nigel Mansell was a former Formula 1 and IndyCar champion. He used to skid test his cars. To get a feel for the car, he would have it drift and spin donuts.

Is a driver aid like ABS or traction control going to make you faster?

Jimmy Broadbent: A driver’s aid isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even GT3 cars can use ABS and traction control. However, they shouldn’t be relied upon forever. You will always feel the traction control working at full throttle. However, it can make you slow down. The ABS kicks in when you brake hard. This increases the stopping distance. You should drive so well that ABS or traction control doesn’t come on.

What does the right field and direction help with racing games?

Jimmy Broadbent It’s important to always see where other vehicles are. This is where your field of vision plays an important part. You can adjust it in racing games.

The right direction of vision is even more important. This rule applies to e-sports just like real-life motorsports: You look where you want. For example, when cornering, you should first focus on your braking point. Next, the apex and then the exit. These points will help you stay on track. Do not be distracted by all the overlays in racing games. On the next straight, you can find their information!

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Jimmy Broadbent: Overtaking maneuvers can be likened to a dance. Everyone has to do their part. Online drivers often take over without thinking about others and only think about themselves. They don’t care about other drivers, and they just want to take out their opponents. They are quick to get their revenge and the whole thing is completely absurd.

This is why you need to approach overtaking with brains as well as quiet guile. If I plan an overtaking maneuver, it is possible to fake it by moving inside the curve. This way, the driver in front will think he knows my next lap plan. When it comes down, however, I do the opposite. I attempt to pass the driver in front on the same curve. You can see that proper overtaking can be a bit like playing chess, with a lot of strategies.

How can you win in a racing simulator How can you win motorsport races

Jimmy Broadbent: Good concentration is key to racing games. It’s easy to lose sight of the goal, especially when you are in front. This would be a mistake. To avoid losing focus, I try to maintain consistent lap times.

To win, you need to be focused and have the ability to persevere. Some drivers are faster than me in qualifying. My times are consistent through a race because I am very efficient at it. This is something that many of my competitors find difficult. They might drive too hard or over-inflate their tires.

The biggest mistake in a race, however, is to be focused on the actions of others. Driving errors are often made when you focus on others. My focus is on me. Multiplayer races are a great way to improve your fuel consumption and tire wear. Your tires will last longer if you are more proficient at steering and driving, unlike qualifying where you race to the limit. If you drive in a way that causes too much wear to your tires, you will soon slide around and it will cost you time.

This is also true for fuel consumption. You should not be running at maximum RPM. This can drain your fuel tank and cause you to make an additional stop. Simply put, you need to use your brain! Sim racing doesn’t require a race engineer; you only need your head.

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There is one genre that has been present throughout the history of electronic gaming and video games. It is a constant throughout the history of video and electronic gaming, from console to console to console and with computers and computer games as they have developed and grown in processing speed.

It’s a genre that has seen humble beginnings and is still popular today. Although it has never been “first place” in the games line-up, it always shines in the middle-tiers.

Atari’s second-ever video game, Space Race, was created in 1973, the Neolithic era. Since then, racing games have been an integral part of the tapestry of computer gaming. They are a reliable and constant part of every game library for every system. Although they may not be the most popular, AAA (AAA) games in the gaming industry, the genre still has many loyal fans.

Racing games are a great form of competition. They are easy to grasp, but difficult to master. No matter how complicated the plot, details, vehicles, or settings, the objective will remain the same. You must get to the end and be the first to finish.

Most games have a standard keyboard mapping and controller, but racing game enthusiasts will often build their own custom rigs using force-feedback pedals, steering wheels, and shifters. These are often twice as expensive as the computer that runs the software. The industry also produces a steady stream solid titles to support them.

You can buckle your seatbelt and start the engine, but you’ll need to be careful: These are some of the most popular racing games available for PC.