Patty Mills wins Australia with 42 points


First Olympic gold medal for men’s basketball

Patty Mills, Australia’s player for the Boomers was on the court from the first moment. He was always in the spotlight. Many were surprised when he was chosen to play for the team instead of Joe Ingles. He was expected to play a role in the team’s success, playing only 14 minutes per game.

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The Australian men’s hockey team won bronze at Rio Olympic Games. This was the first Olympic medal that Down Under men’s basketball had won in any event.

After beating Lithuania 96-92, the Australian men’s basketball team won a gold medal in Rio from Spain. Patty Mills played a remarkable game for Australia scoring 42 points and grabbing 10 boards as the Boomers advanced into the gold medal round.

SAITAMA (JAPAN) – SAITAMA JAPAN — Patty Mills scored 42 point to help Australia win its first Olympic gold medal in men’s basketball.

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Mills, team captain and emotional leader for a veteran core who knew its moment had come after so many sorrows, shared long embraces with his teammates during a postgame celebration that finally came after so much pain.

Joe Ingles scored 16 points for Australia, which finished fourth last year, but was unstoppable this season.

Mills said, “We’ve been waiting this moment for a while.” He added, “I don’t know if I should laugh, cry, or smile.” It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Slovenia lost its second consecutive match after having won 17 of the tournament’s first 17 with Luka Doncic as its player. Doncic had 22 points, eight rebounds and seven assists. He also had seven turnovers.

Slovenia cut a 14 point lead to 83-80 in the fourth quarter when Doncic hit a 3-pointer with just 6:18 remaining in his first Olympics.

The Australians couldn’t keep a 15-point advantage over the United States in semifinals and they weren’t going to give up this opportunity. The Australians scored seven consecutive points to get back into double figures, and then they blew it open in the last minutes.

They finished it in front France and the United States, who returned to Saitama Super Arena after the American victory over the French 87-82 earlier that day.

Mills wanted the Australians at this event. Mills refused to talk about his NBA future even though he signed with the Brooklyn Nets during the week. He demanded that his team focus on one goal.

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He scored 26 points in the second half after a defeat to the United States of America two days earlier. This ensured that Australia would not be disappointed.

Doncic entered the Olympics with a game average of 24.2 points and 10 rebounds. He also had 10 assists. He scored 48 points in Slovenia’s opener, which tied him for second in Olympic scoring. It was also the third time Doncic has had a triple-double in Olympic history, when he had 16 points and 10 rebounds and 18 assists in the semi-finals against France.

The Slovenians lost 90-89 to the Australians after Nicolas Batum stopped Klemen Prepelic from scoring with 2.4 seconds left. They tried to forget the incident and add Olympic bronze to their 2017 European title. But Mills and the Australians proved to be too skilled and determined.


After Mills was penalized with a foul for what appeared to be very little contact, the Australians’ latest defeat to Spain, 89-88, in Rio may have been their most brutal. Sergio Rodriguez scored two free throws with just 5.4 seconds left.

Mills wasn’t going to let this one get too close for another.

He scored 10 points in a 17-4 run that saw the Australians lead 45-35. At times, he appeared to be aiming at Doncic, bringing his teammates over to pick a pick, so the Dallas Mavericks star would have the opportunity to switch to him.

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He was unable to be stopped by Doncic or his team.

Dante Exum scored 12 points for Australia, while Jock Landale scored 14. Matisse Thybulle, who scored 11 points, played an excellent defense in place of Matthew Dellavedova.

Australia won its first Olympic gold medal in men’s basketball on Tuesday, ending a long drought. Andrej Lemanis, the coach of the Aussie team, was stunned when they lost by 30 points to the USA in the quarterfinals. His players were not surprised by the upset, but they knew they could beat America. The Aussies believed they could keep the USA below 50 points and they proved right. The USA struggled to make free throws and the Aussies capitalized, making fantastic shots after shots. Patty Mills’ free throws of two with less than a minute remaining gave the Aussies an advantage of four points. The game was just over one minute old. Learn more about the number of times patty mills have been in the Olympic Games and let us know your thoughts.