Kinesiology Tape


Kinesiology tape (KT) is a helpful apparatus and has gotten progressively mainstream inside the field of sports. Taping has been utilized for quite a while for the anticipation and treatment of wounds that occur during sports. It lessens the pain and is very useful for healing the soft tissues.

  • Properties:

KT is fabricated pre-extended by 15-25% as it is applied to the support paper. It is described by the capacity to stretch to 120-140% of its unique length and, after the application, withdraw back towards its previous length. KT emulates the actual characteristics of the skin as it is accepted to have a weight and thickness just like the epidermis alongside its intrinsic flexible features. How to make your generator quiet as a cricket It consists of cotton fiber in which polymer elastic is wrapped, which considers vanishing of dampness. The best property of KT is that its waterproof and breathable, which means you can wear it during exercise or swimming. It has the quality to dry at a faster rate and rarely causes any kind of skin irritation. If you feel uncomfortable, just remove the tape, and use lukewarm water to wash the area. If you apply it appropriately, it can be utilized for 3 to 5 days.

  • Benefits:
  1. Supports the soft muscles.
  2. Settles the wounds as they recuperate
  3. Draws out the impacts of non-intrusive treatment.
  4. Reduces the swelling.
  5. Improves blood circulation.
  6. Helps the weak zones of the body.
  7. Prevents cramps.
  8. Increases the strength of the muscles.
  9. Forestalls over-stretching.
  10. Relieves pain.
  • Various types of applications:

You can apply the KT in the shape of different English letters such as Y, I or X, and even in the shape of a web or donut. You will select the shape according to the size of the injured muscle.

  • Precautions:
  1. Do not apply on acute injuries.
  2. If you have fever, it is not recommended.
  3. If your skin is damaged, do not use it.
  4. Avoid during pregnancy.
  5. Be careful if you are a heart patient because it can increase the load of fluid on the heart.
  • Conclusion:

There are a lot of companies that are selling KT, but if you want the one with a good quality then you can purchase Spidertech Sports Kinesiology Tape. KT is very useful for athletes, they can deal with their injuries well with its help.