Jessica Steen: Biography


Jessica Steen, a Canadian actress, was born 19 December 1965. Her roles in Heartland and Flashpoint, Earth 2 Left Behind: World at War and Homefront are some of her most notable.

Jessica Steen: Who are you?

Canadian actress Jessica Steen is best known for her role as Elizabeth Lisa’ Stillman Bartlett on the family drama series Heartland. She spent time with a student at law and listened to Marcia Rachel Clark’s arguments before she was given the role of a district attorney in the comedy American film ‘Trial and Error. She was nominated in 1988 for the prestigious Gemini Award (Canada’s equivalent of Emmy Awards) and for her performance as a district attorney in the comedy film ‘Trial and Error’. In 1994, she was awarded the Gemini Award for ‘Best annoying child actress‘, for her role in the TV movie ‘Small Gifts’.

Childhood and Early Life

Jessica Steen was the daughter of Jan Steen, and Joanna Noyes, both in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Steen, a young games actress who was already an actress in her twenties, decided to follow her mother’s footsteps.

Steen was eight years old when she made her acting debut in the Canadian television series “The Sunrunners.” She then decided to pursue acting as a career.


  • Career

Jessica Steen was first seen in film in 1981 when she was cast as Tracy Vrain in Richard Pearce’s science fiction film ‘Threshold.’ In 1983 she played Donna in a series titled ‘Gentle Sinners.’

In the mid-80s, she continued to play TV roles. She played Gail Pennoyer, a TV character, in ‘When We First Met’ in 1984. Elaine was then featured in an episode of ‘CBC Television”s children’s TV program ‘The Edison Twins’ in 1985.

She appeared in several TV series in 1986, including ‘Night Heat’ ‘Kay O’Brien’ ‘The Edison Twins’ and ‘The Campbells’. In 1986, she returned to film roles, first as Melinda Coverdale in ‘A Judgment In Stone’, and then Carly Simmons, in Paul Lynch’s drama film ‘Flying.

Jessica Steen made her breakthrough in 1987 when she was the only female regular on the science-fiction TV series Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future’. She received a nomination for the ‘Gemini Award’ for ‘Best Performance of a Lead Actress In a Continuing Dramatic Roll’ in 1988.

In 1989, she was chosen to portray Hannah Gottschalk in the Richard J. Baskin-directed American drama film “Sing.” The next year she appeared in two TV movies: ‘Christmas in America and ‘Knights of the Kitchen Table.’ Nellie Ambrose then played Nellie in the film ‘Still Life. The Fine Art of Murder.

Steen arrived in New York City in 1991. Shortly after her move to the USA, Steen was offered the recurring role as Linda Metcalf on the American TV drama series “Homefront.” She appeared in 42 episodes. She was also cast in 1994 as Dr. Julia Heller on the science-fiction television series Earth 2.

After appearing on ‘Earth 2,’ Jessica Steen gained popularity. She was offered guest roles in many TV series such as ER (1996), ’The Outer Limits’ (1996) and ‘Murder One’ (1997).

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer suggested Steen’s name to play the role of Captain Jennifer Watts, a 1998 Michael Bay-directed science-fiction disaster film. Steen also had the opportunity to work alongside actors such as Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, and many other notable American actors.

She was first cast as Victoria Thorne in Andre Van Heerden’s thriller film ‘Apocalypse IV, Judgment’ in 2001. The next year she appeared in prominent roles in three TV traveling movies: ‘Society’s Child’, ‘Untitled Secret Service Project’ and ‘The Pact.’ After that, she began appearing in guest roles on many TV series such as ‘L.A. Dragnet, ‘MutantX,’ “Charmed,” “Kojak,” and “Eyes” are some of her roles.

  • Family and Personal Life

Jessica Steen is of Scottish, Dutch and Irish descent. Joanna Noyes is her mother and a well-known actress. Jan Steen is her father. He is a writer producer, director, actor, and producer. Joanna Noyes is most well-known for her roles in movies like ‘Imaginaerum’, ‘Wicker park’ and Affliction’. Her father, Jan Steen was a writer, producer, director, actor, and director.

Steen is an actress and an environmentalist as well as a supporter of animal rights. Steen is a strong supporter of David Takayoshi Suzuki, an environmental activist. She is also a certified diver, and can perform various circus arts like fire-eating and fire-twirling.