Looking to get more time well spent in Miami? Get a comfy ride with Twelve Transfers to explore the Sunshine State in style



Miami is a wonderful city, blessed with superb beaches and resorts, great restaurants and nightlife, a booming business ecosystem and many attractions you definitely want to see if you plan to visit.

You can always “upgrade” your stay in Miami with a private car transfer to give you better flexibility, great timing especially if your stay is scheduled to the minute, comfy rides in style and a better overall mood for all the required mobility within Miami.

Business class? First class? SUVs or VAN? Or maybe a stretched limo for a “party on the move”? You can surely rely on Twelve Transfers Miami for any private transfer approach you might have.

Miami is just 10 miles away from the downtown area and really close to the beaches where most of the fun happen. If you plan to visit many attractions points in a tight schedule (maybe you plan to get more of the Miami experience in a short timeframe) getting a private transfer with chauffeur will allow you better time management, comfort and peace of mind. For some frequent travellers or business travellers there’s nothing more “comfortable” than having to wait for a bus after a long flight while dealing with jet lag, only to find out that you need also a connection or maybe even a regular taxi for the “last mile” of the trip.

Get crazy with your private transfer requirements to fully match your business or vacation objectives. Want to wow your business partner? Get him a first class transfer to your meeting place. Need a comfy ride after a long flight to get ready for the next business meeting? Yep, we’re here to assist with business rides, refreshments and an all around great & relaxing transfers.

From local travel agencies and corporations looking to deliver the best private transfer for their executives to individual sophisticated travellers looking for comfort & style we have the experience of working with dozens of thousands of bookings from all over the world on both London & Miami. The management of the company has a combined experience of more than 17 years in the private transfer industry while constantly refining the customer experiences, fleet management and everything related to a valued transfer service you can rely on.

As a special launch early bird for Miami, the standard price list of up to 10% more affordable in comparison with the other private transfer companies. Feel free to try our online instant estimator for fast and accurate quotes. For anything more specific, group offers or corporate accounts feel free to reach out to our friendly team for a dedicated account manager that will handle all your requests with maximum priority and know how.

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