New 3-point line distance benefits “Georgia Basketball”


ATHENS — College basketball is returning to the 3-point line this season. georgia basketball coach Tom Crean is performing backflips.

Crean stated, “Anything that increases the court’s speed and creates space on it, I love it.” Crean said, “I love any game that speeds up the game.”

With nine new players, the Bulldogs will be sporting a new look this season. Anthony “Antman”, a top-ranked freshman, highlights a Top Ten signing class.

Crean is as passionate about FOOTBALL GRAPHIC rebounding and defense as any other coach. Crean, the Bulldogs’ second-year coach, is most well-known for his offensive Georgia basketball  results.

The Hoosiers were the most successful 3-point shooting team nationally after Indiana, a historically powerful Crean, was essentially rebuilt from scratch in 2008-17.

Over the nine-year period, Indiana’s accuracy beyond the arc of 38.2% was more than any other nation’s team.

In Crean’s last six years as a Hoosier, Indiana was the Big Ten’s top scoring team with 77.8 points per match. Crean’s Hoosiers were also the league leaders in 3-point shooting field goals percentage (40.2%) and field goal percentage (47.5%).

Georgia basketball  results last season were not as impressive.

Crean was inherited by a group of senior citizens who were more interested in sharing their views on life after loss than in getting extra time at the gym.

Crean’s sets were very open to Crean’s Bulldogs, who got many open looks. The team only made 32.2 percent of its 3-point attempts, which was 12th among the 14 teams in the SEC.

Crean stated that “we weren’t very successful (3-point shot) last season and that was disappointing to us.” Crean also said that “we spent a lot of time shooting the ball and didn’t make the progress I was hoping for.”

The college-level 3-point line will be moved to 22 feet, 1 1/4 inches. It is the same distance as international. The line used to be at 20 feet 9 inches.

Georgia basketball will, however, keep the NBA 3-point line (23ft 9in) on its practice floor.

Crean stated that the NBA line is permanently displayed in their practice gym. “So we are really working on range a lot.” “I’m happy the line has been moved back. I think it plays to how the spacing works in the game.

To see the importance of the NBA draft for the future of georgia basketball, all you need to do is take a look at it.