Jose Canseco vs “Billy Football” Lines, Odds and Picks


There was talk a few years back of another Barstool Sports personality joining the fray with the controversial baseball player.

Pardon My Take cohost Big Cat talked about wanting to fight Canseco but now has decided to hand the task over to his intern Billy Football.

Canseco and Billy Football will be throwing down under Queensberry Rules, West Virginia, Friday February 5th.

Barstool will host their Rough ‘N Rowdy Boxing Event during Super Bowl weekend. This curious prizefight is the highlight of the marquee.

Jose Canseco’s Boxing Resume

Canseco is best known for his successful MLB career but he has also been involved in a number of boxing celebrity bouts. This is why I think Canseco is the current betting favorite over Billy Football, a boxing debutant.

These contests have seen Tri County Swimming him go 2-1-1, with his most recent victory being against Tareq Salahi in November 2011.

The big gloves will be worn once more by the multi-time All-Star, World Series champion and American League MVP. In a little over a week, Canseco will be slinging leather again.

Canseco will fight Logan Paul if he has his druthers. After a bad split between Logan Canseco and Canseco’s child, Josie, Jose Canseco seems determined to beat Paul.

Logan Paul has already got a lot to do for the future, with plans for Floyd Mayweather’s fight being rearranged. The Canseco vs Paul storyline has some spice.

Who is Billy Football?

Billy Football, an intern at Barstool’s largest podcast, Pardon My Take is standing up for his boss Big Cat. After standing up for A-Rod, Big Cat pulled out of a Canseco fight. All of this?

I did give Billy Football brownie points. To announce his fight against Jose Canseco, he invoked the spirit Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Billy Football, despite never having fought in a ring before is confident.

He stated on the PMT podcast that “there’s a very high chance he’ll die in the ring.” Billy added that he would commit manslaughter but not murder.

Who is the pick?

The only thing that Billy Football has over his younger rivals is my opinion. He’s 21 years old, while Jose Canseco will turn 56 on February 5.

Jose Canseco’s return to MMA is my only hope.

Despite his youth, I find it difficult to give the edge to football when there is no reference point for his ability at this sport.

Canseco may not have the same combat experience as Canseco, but he does have some. However, I prefer his small resume to the non-existent one of sweet science neophyte Billy Football.