Pomona Wants to Remain at The Top of “Tri County Swimming”


The summer season of Tri County Swimming South Jersey is underway and the 34-team Tri-County swim league promises some spectacular races.

Pomona Swim Club in Cinnaminson is this year’s champion, defeating Wedgewood of Haddonfield by nine point last year.

Pomona won the Division A title by a similar margin last year over Wedgewood.

Six divisions are available. The top four, A through D, have six teams, while the two other Divisions E and F each have five teams.

A team that wins its Division (other than Division A) is promoted to the next division. A team that finishes in last place (other than Division F) falls down a division.

This Saturday, July 7, Pomona hosts Wedgewood. Both clubs are serious contenders to the overall title, regardless of who wins this dual meet.

Tri County Swimming Cycles often have Titles

Pomona was the winner of its first ever title last year. Wedgewood, on the other hand had won four consecutive tri county swimming titles and was runner-up last year to Pomona.

The tri county swimming  Championship will be held at Brookside Swim Club, Glassboro, August 4-5.

Summer tri county swimming is all about depth. But, what’s more, every age group is equally important. Some swimmers are very well-known and may miss certain meets because of other competition. A team must be able adjust to that.

Jim Villa, a veteran coach at Wedgewood, said that while there will be some kids missing in key meets, it is not something to worry about. “I don’t care about the outcome of the matches, but how the people do. It is the icing on top.”

Weeds – Common in warm, lowland tri county swimming and lake swimming, they are easy to spot. A spaghetti-like forest can entrap swimmers’ legs and cause panic. Avoid them. Avoid them if you encounter them. It is usually panic, not the weeds, that drowns swimmers.

Blue-green algae is – Lowland lake tri county swimming. After warm, humid weather in the late summer, algae can grow and form a powdery, green, or bloom. It is unpleasant, can cause skin irritations and cause skin rashes. If you swallow it, it can also make your eyes water. You can either find a place that doesn’t have blooms, or you can go to another part of the lake.