Table Tennis Predictions


Table tennis can be described as an international professional sport played professionally across numerous nations around the globe, though East Asia remains especially prolific when it comes to producing talented table tennis players; nevertheless Europe and North America hold large tournaments featuring professional competition. strives to offer free table tennis predictions on a regular and weekly basis wherever games are taking place in an area, be it betting tips on winning players of specific games, Total Points markets or Handicap predictions.

World Table Tennis Championships Predictions

The World Championships take place every year at various venues worldwide and feature singles tournaments for men and women with an average 128 participants taking part in each singles tournament – we provide daily predictions of this event to make placing bets easy! Some sportsbook players opt to create an accumulator bet, in the hopes of turning a substantial profit with minimal stake.

Olympic Games

There are numerous medals up for grabs in table tennis at every four year Olympic Games, making these tournaments extremely coveted events for tennis players of both genders. All hope for gold at their respective Summer Olympic games while free table tennis predictions from our expert tipsters are provided each day during these tournaments as they review some of the biggest matches – specifically regarding male singles singles matches as well as singles women matches.

One option would be a triple or double tournament featuring simultaneous play by multiple players, while handicap singles may offer players an exciting and profitable gaming experience.

Table Tennis Betting Tips Today

We stay abreast of all of the ITTF World Tour competitions currently taking place and can therefore provide free betting tips on table tennis events as they happen. When there’s an upcoming match scheduled to be played we will examine each player and their current ranking as well as any head-to-head records between two rival players.

Decision-making in sports could hinge on either the outcome of the match itself, or on using Match Handicap when we suspect an unbalanced contest will ensue.

Table Tennis Betting Tips for the ITTF World Cup

World Cup events also include men’s and women’s singles competition, with some of the greatest players from around the globe coming together at the end of each year to compete for one of tennis’s most sought-after prizes.

Before moving to the knockout phase of this year’s ITTF World Cup, table tennis betting strategies to assist with winning at this event’s business end will be provided. Bookmakers offer various markets for bettors who wish to wager. Our job is to identify the most favorable odds so that our clients gain an edge against other operators betting this sport.

ITTF World Tour

International Table Tennis Federation was the first organization to launch its World Tour in 1996, featuring women’s singles for both genders as its centerpiece. A points system exists which may provide six World Tour Platinum events as well as regular World Tour events.

ITTF World Tour betting tips can be found for tournaments such as China Open, Australian Open and German Open; our writers analyze top players to predict how they may perform next time around in competition.

ITTF World Tour Grand Finals

At the conclusion of each calendar year, 16 men and women who have made significant strides during the ITTF World Tour qualify to compete in its Grand Finals tournament for an opportunity at winning its grandest prize – male singles, women’s singles, doubles for men (mixed doubles or women’s doubles), mixed doubles or women’s doubles (using ITTF World Tour Grand Finals betting tips for each).

There may come times when multiple events could be won simultaneously and this is made easier through ITTF World Tour Grand Finals predictions being regularly made available to players, which include all right-to-win predictions before any action begins.

China Open

China Open is one of the premier tournaments on ITTF World Tour and we’re pleased to provide an array of China Open table tennis betting suggestions over its many days of competition. These may include picking an outright winner in men and women singles as well as offering individual-based bets.

Discover which tournaments and events we are wagering on each day before taking the plunge and betting on one that offers both huge rewards as well as points you could use towards qualifying for World Tour Grand Finals.

Australian Open

The ITTF World Tour covers every continent on earth – Australia being no exception. At Geelong Arena in Geelong, a money-spinning section of this tour takes place, featuring top female and male professional players competing. Here you can find Australian Open table tennis predictions for all major matches!

Bet on In-Play games of various kinds and stream them live to desktops as well as mobiles. The Aussie Open usually takes place each July, offering many prizes for its major events.

Best Table Tennis Odds

As part of our table tennis betting tips, we recommend betting at the bookmaker offering the best odds. Each bookie has a distinct way of pricing out an ITTF World Tour match; odds may differ widely when multiple matches are scheduled to be played; hence it is wise to open multiple sportsbook accounts in order to maximize chances.

Discover which casino operators provide the best prices for certain players and try to profit. Usually, this depends on how much each individual places as bets.