Which Babolat Tennis Rackets Are Right For You?



Babolat has been synonymous with tennis for more than a hundred years. The business has been producing top quality tennis racket strings since 1875 and has been manufacturing a broader array of gear and accessories.

Babolat tennis strings are used by leading tennis professionals, innovative club players and beginners for ages. The business is famous for the signature double lines on the strings that run across the lower half of the racket face and across the side frame of Babolat tennis rackets. A range of touring pros who endorse other racket manufacturers have reputedly used and continue to use, Babolat strings in their own frames.

Clay-court juggernaut, Rafael Nadal, has used Babolat tennis rackets and strings almost exclusively during his stellar career. Babolat is also popular with emerging talents. For example, Carlos Alcaraz’s racket is a Babolat Pure Aero VS. Wielding the AeroPro Drive GT, the Spaniard has won nine Grand Slams including five French Open titles. The AeroPro Drive series is the best selection for advanced players. Those who need maximum head speed and twist are certain to profit from this selection.

Advanced players that have an all round game and can generate their own power their strokes off should think about the Pure Storm. With a normal section and a conventional framework, the racket has optimum weight and equilibrium distribution.

The Babolat Pure Drive Team is a fantastic pick for just about all levels of play. Among the lightest frames in the current market, the Pure Drive Team is fantastic for serve and volley players. Even though the frame is a bit on the other hand, the patented Cortex technology gives it a cozy feel. The framework is capable of producing an impressive quantity of power but it still keeps good quantity of control and touch.

Mid-level players that are serious about their games should research the Babolat Drive Z 110. Offering maneuverability and comfort, the racket is equipped with the Smart Grip in addition to the Cortex System. This special grip is flexible and conforms to the preferred ergonomic feel of the participant.

Weekend warriors that are on a budget should go for the Babolat XS 102. Produced from pure graphite, the framework provides a perfect balance of power and control.

Babolat tennis rackets have some of the most technologically innovative frames on the marketplace. Players working hard to improve their games and also professionals that try to maximize their strengths will surely benefit from Babolat’s innovations. Recreational players who want to keep beating on their neighbor should go for Babolat tennis rackets.