Requirements to Install a Home Golf Simulator


Many professionals practice indoors on the home golf simulator, which allows virtual gaming. The golf players can continue gaming at any time of the day and are not affected by a change in weather conditions. Although golf simulators continue to be more realistic as technology continues to advance, the experience for most players cannot replace the real golfing at the clubs. Meanwhile, there is an immense growth in the market and manufacture of golf simulators. Several manufactures and supplying companies are now competing, making it hard for clients to decide which indoor golf company will meet their needs.

Basic Requirements to Set-up an Indoor Golf Simulator

  1. Space Requirements

The minimum recommended space required to instal indoor golf is around 9 feet high, 12 feet long and 12 feet wide. However, the sides’ estimations can be adjusted depending on the client’s height and package selected. The ceiling height is also considered to avoid hitting the ceiling every time one swings their club.

  1. Permanent or Temporary space

Gold stimulators can be installed to be permanent or can be temporary on a space. Some simulators are portable and can be easily shifted from one space to another since they are easy to install. Other golf stimulators, however, have to be fixed in space. These variations are dependent on the package chosen and the costs incurred in installation. 

  1. Other Requirements Apart from the Golf Simulator

Other than the simulator system, other requirements have to be available to install a golf simulator successfully. The typical requirements include a golf simulator, golf mat, projector, monitor with golf simulator, and a computer or iPad for the software installation. Some people prefer to use the golf net instead and the simulation showed on the screen. Other examples of accessories that may be needed include seating, ball trays, alignment sticks and club racks.

Many golf players prefer hitting the golf net as opposed to hitting the screen. The modern golf simulators allow clients to play to the net and use a device to view the projection. Additionally, the new models which involve playing into the net can be easily set up and removed when the net is not in use. Furthermore, the golf net model is relatively affordable compared to that of the screen.

  1. Required Investment

Most golf stimulators installation requires approximately $1000, but one may spend more on the package and quality. Alternatively, the golf net package is much more affordable than the projector screen package, which needs a quality screen and framing, making it a bit more expensive.

Courses Offered.

Golf simulator providers offer a variety of golf stimulator courses that differ and are not constant. Some courses are more famous than others and are usually provided by most providers. To get the best course offers, install software developed by the best providers. The provider also offers clients the opportunity to add more courses to purchase with others giving a chance for users to design their courses personally. Other than the courses offered, gamers also check on the general installation costs, game features and graphics.


The increase in the number of golf stimulator manufacturers and distributors is influenced by technological advancement. As a result, many marketers have come up with various designs and new models of indoor golf. The major designs are those that offer a golf net and that with a projector screen. Every offer provided by the indoor game usually depends on the package selection and software provider.