Benefits of using Specialized e-Bikes for hills and mountains


The motor’s extra power makes it easier for you to conquer hills. This is a key advantage of electric bikes. You can pedal without exertion and power assistance matches your efforts.

If you enjoy the challenge, most eBikes can be assisted significantly, which means more leg power. San Jose Turbo Specialized Bikes Dealer in San Francisco, a Santa Clara-based authorized dealer of Specialized Turbo Electric Bicycles, is located near Santa Clara. We have the largest selection of 2021 Specialized Turbo E-Bikes, as well as pre-owned inventory. Our sales, service and parts departments are staffed with friendly, experienced staff.

The majority of the eBikes that we have in stock and the best ones on the market can handle normal hills without too much difficulty. They should be avoided if they are below PS1,500, as they have weak motors and tiny batteries. Electric bikes are great for commuters and weekend workouts.

Explore each of the three main types of motors.

Crank or Mid Drive

These motors are located low on the bike’s centre, making them ideal for hill riding. They are easy to ride and provide natural, indirect power delivery.

A good example of a balanced package is the use of common motors like the Bosch Active line from the Raleigh Motus range. Performance without compromises.

Front Hub

These are located on the front wheel of folding bikes due to their small size. They are found on cheaper eBike models, and they feature heavily in eBike converter kits. They are the weakest motor type and will “pull” your bike along. Avoid hills!

Rear Hub

Although rear hub motors look very similar to Front Hub motors, there are important differences. They “push” the rear wheel and deliver more power. They are often used in Speed Pedelecs and electric bikes that have the fastest speeds.

Below are some of our customers’ favorites that are great all-rounders and can handle most daily cycling situations.

Raleigh Motus – PS2050

For everyday comfort, the Raleigh Motus is a favorite. The Motus, made with Bosch components of high quality, is one of Raliegh’s most highly rated city electric bikes due to its ease-of-use. There are 7 Shimano gears to choose from, which offer easy and excellent gear changes that are ideal for leisure cyclists.

There are many options, but the Motus Tour Step Through offers comfort and ease without sacrificing specs.

Raleigh Centros PS2350

The all-new Centros electric bike is Raleigh’s most advanced and technologically advanced. It was designed in Britain and manufactured in Europe. This sleek, modern design combines effortless power with timeless style to provide a comfortable ride that suits your lifestyle perfectly.

It is also available in Standard, Tour and Grand Tour versions. You can add a 400Wh, 500Wh, or 500Wh battery to it, all powered by the Bosch Active Line Plus motor.

HaiBike Trekking – From PS1,999

The HaiBike SDURO range is a favorite for offroad and mountain riding. Haibike has you covered, whether you are commuting on country roads or seeking a weekend sprint uphill.

*All prices correct at the time of writing. For the most current pricing, please refer to product pages.