Are grenade bars actually healthy?


Most protein bars suck. They are chewy, tender and flavor nothing Such as the mouthwatering titles and tastes they are categorized under. Grenade Bars, nevertheless, are something different.

Unlike other protein bars, Grenade Bars are extremely damn great, and do not need constant sips of water to help in what appears like endless mastication which other protein bars need.

You might have attempted their renowned “Carb Killa” pub. It is promoted as a low-carb alternate for their other pubs, targeting individuals which are maybe cutting off sugar, calories or carbs.

So what’s it that they have done to fool us all? Well if you glance in the packaging (let us utilize the Caramel Chaos flavor for instance), what you will notice is the following: Protein: 23g. Sugars: 1.4g. Impact carbohydrates: 1.4g.

They are not lying. Those would be the right numbers for your nutritional labels said. But they have recorded sugars. Impact carbohydrates are sugars — maybe perhaps not carbohydrates. Meaning what? This is a perfect illustration of how manufacturers utilize cheeky practices to direct prospective customers into creating an extremely simple mistake. Simply listing sugars under different titles, they are hoping we will assume there are only 1.4 grams of carbohydrates in the full pub.

But… in case you were to see the small print, then you would see a “Carb Killa” pub actually comprises 13.5 g of carbohydrates (1.4gram of that is sugar, also known as “Impact carbohydrates” on front). A glowing 864 percent of everything it reads on the front.

It is not much like 13.5 g of carbohydrates is that far, however this really is the ideal case of how manufacturers will intentionally deceive us hoping we’ll assume the things that they need us to think about their merchandise.

So, Regardless of the title “Carb Killa” (see they have not actually utilized the word “low carb” — likely because they are not permitted to), in addition to the apparently low”impact carb” sums mentioned on the front part of the package, this is not a low-carb protein bar.


Once on a time, protein bars have been earmarked for meat heads and were just ever absorbed pre or post exercise. These days, people are more attentive to the significance of protein in their daily diet, irrespective of their weight-lifting habits (or lack thereof). Carb Killa® bars could be consumed at any given moment, whatever you are around, and you do not have to have set foot in a gym to have the ability to indulge in a few of those bad boys! When it’s a on-the-go bite, a midday pick-me-up through a hectic day in work or an indulgent deal in a day, Carb Killa® pubs could be swallowed whenever!


Among the numerous advantages of protein is that it’s ability to maintain you feeling fuller for longer, therefore packaging in the protein might indicate you are not as inclined to reach unhealthier snacks so as to suppress those gut rumbles. But when planning for weight reduction, it’s easy; you have to maintain a calorie reduction.