The possibility of losing an irreplaceable race is very real


Monaco Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc was not allowed to complete what appeared to be one of the great Monaco laps at the red flag at Saturday’s qualifying.

The Ferrari driver was already 0.225 seconds ahead of the field as he approached Tabac corner. This was his best sector of the weekend and he was approaching the Tabac corner when the red flag was raised for an accident at Portier.

Leclerc stated, “I wanted to finish that lap.” It was a great lap. The onboard footage is a bit oversteery so it’s a nice one. Although it was a fantastic lap, it did not happen in Monaco so there is no frustration.

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The Ferrari driver was able to celebrate his second consecutive pole position at home, though, because his lap in the final session had been fast enough to place him on top.

Leclerc was able to celebrate his win and refocus his attention on the task of turning his pole into a crucial win on Sunday. But, there was one question: will Formula 1 and Leclerc get to enjoy Monaco again next year.

Some commentators have laughed at the idea of a Monaco Grand Prix not happening in 2023. However, the possibility is real.

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They won’t get rid Monaco, surely?

Monaco was for a long time considered irreplaceable. Its status as a symbol for everything appealing and interesting about F1 has made it an unbeatable choice.

The glamour, money, danger, and even a hint of naughtiness, this is the apotheosis for Somerset Maugham’s image as “a sunny place to shady persons”, which could be applied in some ways to F1 just as it could Monaco.

F1 is still considering the possibility, even though Leclerc stated on Thursday that it would be a bad decision for both sides.

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Liberty Media, the US-based owners of F1 will not comment on the matter publicly. However, senior sources claim that they recognize the appeal of F1 and its popularity for an audience far beyond F1’s normal, but they are becoming tired of certain aspects of the race.

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Monaco has been an anachronism since its inception. The narrow and twisty route that winds its way up and down the hills in this small Principality seemed unsuitable for F1 cars of all modern size, speed, and complexity.

It is still one of the most exciting spectacles in global sport, but it only shows how insane it is.

  • However, this is not the root of the problem.
  • Money is still involved. But not in the direct way one might think.

Monaco has paid a fee for the privilege of holding the race. This fee is currently in the range of 10-12m Euros, which is one of the lowest on this calendar. This isn’t the problem.

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  • F1 is looking for changes in many areas.
  • The television coverage is the first. Monaco is the only country on the calendar that has its own television station.

F1 has felt that there is a quality gap in Monaco’s television coverage. F1 refuses to accept that F1 will continue to ignore incidents and make unusual decisions.

There is also the unique advertising agreement for each race. Tracks must also use F1’s advertising in-house, which promotes corporate sponsors.