Best Hockey Gloves


Hockey gloves protect your hands and wrists from sticks and pucks. Obviously, protection should be your first priority, but nothing is more frustrating than a pair of field hockey gloves that are working against you as you try to perform the fundamentals of passing, shooting, and puck-handling.

Warrior Covert QRE PRO Gloves

The Warrior Covert QRE PRO Glove is a stripped down version of the top of the line Warrior QRE glove, with changes to the palm, gussets, and padding that reflect what many of the pros prefer. This creates a lighter weight, no-nonsense, protective glove that will last.

The QRE PRO offers elite-level protection and mobility due to the Exo Protect foams and AxyFlex cuff construction. Unlike traditional gloves, the cuff moves independently from the glove’s body, resulting in wrist mobility while keeping slash protection where it needs to be at all times, and the Cover Taper Fit which contours to the natural shape of your hand. Just like gloves in the NHL, the QRE PRO uses a classic cream clarino Pro Smartpalm and embroidered cuff logo.

Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Pro Hockey Gloves

This Vapor 1X Lite Pro is at the top of the Bauer’s Vapor line.  A glove that has many advanced tech and features,  that players love to use.

It’s made out of a quality Pro nylon and cable mesh that is very light.  For backhand protection, this glove offers dual density foams with poly inserts made for the ultimate protection.

CCM Jetspeed FT1 Hockey Gloves

The CCM Jetspeed FT1 are top tier hockey gloves made for the elite level player.

This glove has the popular tapered fit with anatomical open cuff and more snug fingers and backhand.  This creates a glove that has excellent maneuverability.  It’s designed with a Pro FlexThumb for gripping that grace players with excellent wrist maneuverability for handling hockey sticks.

Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Hockey Gloves

The Bauer Vapor X900 lite is in the middle of the Bauer Vapor line offering a great value by keeping some top level features.  The fingers and backhand are made with dual density foam and poly inserts for excellent protection. The thumb has extra protection preventing backward movement with the use of the patented 2 piece FLEX LOCK technology.

Warrior QR Edge Hockey Gloves

The Warrior QR Edge are an amazing set of hockey gloves.  Very lightweight, chocked full of the latest tech and protection.

These gloves are cable knit with synthetic leather accents and nylon.

Warrior’s new Eco Protect System consists of multiple density foams throughout with plastic inserts on the top layer for exceptional safety.  The AxyFlex System is an internal mesh that stretches to allow maximum mobility.  The cuffs have added impact protection, great for slashes, with dual density foams and plastic plates.